Collection: Reservation of collection service in Vilnius

FURNITURE ASSEMBLY SERVICE (masters will contact you)

The first working hour - 50 EUR/hour.

The second and following working hours - 25 Eur/hour.

Payment on the spot after the service is completed.

If you have decided to order the services of a furniture assembly master, we recommend our partners in Vilnius county. After ordering "KINDERIS COLLECTION RESERVATION SERVICE" you will not have to look for a master - our partners will contact you a day before the delivery of your goods and arrange a visit. The prices of collection services provided by partners depend on each individual order.

• Vilnius county - +37066572484

How long does it take to assemble the furniture?

Depending on the size, details and quantity of the furniture, assembling the furniture can take from half an hour to several hours.

What does the price of furniture assembly depend on?

The price of furniture assembly is calculated by adding up the time spent on assembly.

Do you assemble furniture on weekends?

Yes, the working time is flexible and can be arranged according to each individual case by phone +37066572484

Will the furniture assembler arrive at the same time as the furniture is delivered?

The arrival time of the furniture assembler can be arranged at the individually specified phone number. number. Call as soon as you know the delivery date and agree on a convenient time for you.

Is it possible to receive an invoice for the furniture assembly service?

Yes, all necessary documents are issued according to the client's need.

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